Match Report
Lord Wandsworth College Boys-U14C vs  Winchester College Boys-U14A
On: Saturday, 13 Jan 2024
Venue: Away

Despite excellent effort all round and a guest appearance from Zach P, LWC were well beaten by Winchester. To be fair to LWC it was mostly down to one single player who had dominated for his U15 A side as well.

LWC suffered the disappointment of a number of no shows, that meant they had to go cap in hand to the U16Cs to grab a keeper. This proved fortunate, as he produced a number of high class saves to keep the score in check. Unfortunately the majority of the match was played in the LWC defensive third and when LCW did manage to break, poor execution and an unwillingness to shot cost them dearly. the W playmaker was able to pick the ball up and beat individual players at will. He was forever finding space on the LWCs left and squaring the ball to the penalty spot where one of his his team mates was waiting to unleash a shot.

With the half-time talk fresh in the minds, LWC started to double and triple team the playmaker and defended the penalty spot much better. This meant there was less threat and his substitution allowed LWC to compete more evenly. The growth in confidence and some excellent play from Seb Bonner produced enough LWC chances for them to have gotten a couple of goals back. It was not to be suggesting work needs to be done on in both defense and attack. Develop the skill to shot and perform core defensive tasks then things will improve